The Auto system and various features in Ragnarok Origin Global make botting simple! Nevertheless, knowing a few tips and tricks helps you make the most out of the 150 minutes of daily bot farming. Here are a few pointers to get the best out of each minute!

It is advised to tackle monsters that are of a higher level than the player, but no more than ten levels above the player’s level.

When selecting a region to farm monsters in Ragnarok Origin Global, be sure to examine your own level and the level of the target monster. The “Benefit” system will adjust the EXP and Drop Rate depending on the difference between your level and the monsters. If the target monster is no more than ten levels higher than you, you can gain a bonus of up to 110% EXP and Drop Rate. If the farming isn’t going as planned, avoid monsters that are more than five levels lower than you, as your EXP and Drop Rate can drop below 100%.


Seek out areas with large clusters of three enemies

When you have chosen a monster to farm, look for locations where the monsters are grouped in threes. This is especially helpful if you are using a class with single-target abilities, as it increases your progress and confines your farming area so you don’t stray into the domain of hostile monsters.

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Instruct your bot to remain in one place

For gamers playing alone who require the team skills, hunting down beasts one by one can be a hazardous task. Your character may meander and be assailed by other monsters in Ragnarok Origin Global. Fortunately, you have the choice to make your character stay put. In the “Auto Attack” section, there are two Auto Mode options: Auto-Battle, where your character moves and attacks within a certain range, or Partial Auto, which makes your character stay in position and only attack monsters nearby.

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Mastering hotkeys differs from using bots

The author was puzzled, however the abilities shown on the Skill page of the active hotkey are not those utilized by bots. To arrange skills for Auto Attack, go to Auto Attack > Settings and pick the skills from there.

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Depending on the strength of an item, percentage of potion use should be adjusted.

When employing bots in Ragnarok Origin Global, take into account the HP potion settings. Activate the Automatic Recovery Device, open the inventory, and adjust the HP and SP potion use as a percentage. It’s important to remember that there is a 3-second cooldown period after using a potion. If the mixture isn’t strong enough, setting a low rate could lead to a character’s death before the cooldown is finished. Adjust the rate based on the potency of the potion to conserve resources and avoid defeat.

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Having a pet to help with healing can increase one’s longevity

If you play a role that inflicts high damage and would like to increase your survivability when grinding mobs, consider utilizing a pet with a healing ability. Although high-damage abilities allow for fast clear times, the cooldowns tend to be longer. If you have difficulty using potions quickly, a pet that can heal you can help you stick it out longer in Ragnarok Origin Global.

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It is advised to consume buff food and Battle Candy prior to farming.

As was brought up before, you only have a limited period of time, 150 minutes, each day to bot farm in Ragnarok Origin Global, so make sure to use it wisely! Eating food is a great way to get the best buffs and Battle Candy can be employed to increase your EXP and item drop rates. Make the most of your daily farming time!

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Strive to battle with elemental monsters in which you have an upper hand

If you are familiar with Ragnarok Origin Global, you should be aware of the importance of monster elements, types, and sizes. These can be used to your advantage to get the most out of your character’s class, weapons, and skills. For example, assassins with knives have an advantage against smaller monsters, while knights with spears work better against larger ones. Additionally, mages should focus on monsters that are weak against their basic attack skills. Having knowledge about this can improve your farming efficiency.

Invest in an Elemental Converter to enhance your damage output

It has been pointed out that engaging with weaker monster elements can be beneficial in Ragnarok Origin Global. To make farming easier, you can purchase an Elemental Converter from the Luxury Merchant NPC, which is readily available in any city. You can identify the NPC by a magic wand or green-wing icon on the map. For 400,000 Eden Coins, the NPC sells fire, water, earth, and wind Elemental Converter. This currency is not too difficult to get in the game.

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Remember to turn on Monster Annihilation when you are farming bots

In order to farm items daily, you should make use of Monster Annihilation. Achieving 100 activity points will grant you a half hour of Monster Annihilation with a sixfold drop rate. Additionally, Lucky Candy can be used to enhance item drops in Ragnarok Origin Global. When selecting a farm area, consider what you need, such as crafting materials or cards to sell on the marketplace, in addition to the 150 minutes from EXP farming.

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To make the most of Ragnarok Origin Global and quickly level up, here are some useful tips. As it is a mobile game with an Auto system, it provides a much more relaxed playing experience compared to other mobile games of its kind. Following these tips, you should be able to reach a higher level quickly and get some exclusive loot!